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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pressure Washing Hampton Inn Hotel In Tampa Florida!!!

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Pressure Washing Company Pinellas / Tampa Florida! Hampton Inn Hotel.

Pressure Washing/Soft Washing Hotel In Tampa Florida!

We were contacted back in October of 2010 to bid on this Pressure Washing job of a 5 Story Hampton Inn Hotel in Tampa Florida. They wanted the Exterior walls of the Building Pressure Washed as well as the Concrete Walkways and front entryway to the Hotel. We got the call about two weeks ago and were told that we were chosen to perform the job. We were told that their decision was not money motivated but rather based on a company who was experienced in Soft Washing due to the fact that the Building Exterior is made of Drivit material and they were afraid of someone using high pressure and possibly damaging the sub strait. The bottom half of the building (The dark grey area) is already in desperate need of repainting and they were worried about having someone who may cause more damage to the rest of the Building by using high Pressure. Needless to say, they will only have to repaint the bottom grey areas.

We had this job scheduled for Saturday but were forced to wait until Sunday due to 25-30mph winds and cold weather. The winds had died down Sunday to about half and it was still cold especially up on a 40ft lift. The building had a lot of wasp nests, mud dobbers and spider sacks, mainly at the top of the building which took up most of our time. The North side and the West side of the Building had the most Mold and Algae on it which we were able to easily remove using a Down Stream/ Soft Wash Method.

The Property/Hotel Manager was extremely happy with the results. Here are a few pictures of the job.

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